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Hello to all video game enthusiasts, welcome to our blog. Today, we're excited to share with you a special milestone in our adventure as indie video game developers: our participation in the upcoming edition of Ludum Dare.

If you're not familiar with Ludum Dare, it's a globally recognized event where developers from around the world accept the challenge of creating a video game from scratch in just 48 hours. Yes, you read that right, just 48 hours! This event not only allows us to test our skills and creativity but also gives us the opportunity to be part of a passionate global community of video games.

After careful deliberation and many liters of coffee, we have decided to take up our challenge with a game concept that, although it may seem simple, is very dear to us: a top-down shooter game. We have felt a strong connection with this genre due to its accessibility and its wide margin for creativity and innovation.

We are working on a game that combines classic elements of the genre with some new and exciting ideas. We firmly believe that even in the simplest concepts, there's room to surprise and delight players. We are already exploring different approaches in level design, shooting mechanics, variety of enemies, and of course, the story we want to tell through our game.

As we progress in this challenge, we discover that every hour counts. Each line of code, each design sketch, each note of the soundtrack, are small steps that bring us closer to our final goal. We are totally immersed in this process, and although the pressure and exhaustion are evident, the enthusiasm and passion for what we are creating never cease to fuel our spirit.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our community and everyone who has supported us in this adventure. We know we are learning and growing with every project we undertake and every challenge we face. But undoubtedly, it's your support and encouragement that truly motivates us to keep moving forward.

We will keep you updated with the progress of our project in the upcoming blog posts. We hope you join us on this exciting journey, as we work tirelessly to bring our dream to reality.

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