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Our Story

Our story begins in the vibrant Valencian Community, in a video game development contest that became the catalyst for our collective passion. Back then, we were just a group of video game enthusiasts with varied skills and a shared vision. However, what started as a casual interest quickly transformed into a palpable desire to contribute to the industry we admired so much.

As we competed, we realized that we shared more than just a passion for video games. Each of us carried a creative spirit and a desire to innovate, to create something unique that could make a difference in the vast universe of video games. It wasn't just the thrill of competition that brought us together, but also the vision of what we could achieve together.

By the end of the contest, our bond solidified. We had realized that we not only shared a passion but also a dream. We then decided to form a team, an indie video game development team. It was a bold decision, yes, but also exciting. We were determined to make our dream a reality, bringing something genuinely ours to the world of video games.

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